There’s No Flame to Torch Time Anymore

Every returning student will know the struggle of losing our beloved chosen Torch Times

Brayana Cacho, Writer

With the new generation of freshmen coming into CEHS, they may not understand the major losses within our beloved, randomly scheduled Torch Times this year.

What has changed from last year’s TT?

Not only is Torch Time no longer assigned based on student’s hobbies, this year it is creating a very bland feeling when it comes to Wednesdays.

Last year, students were able to participate in a specific activity they were interested in for thirty minutes, where they could meet new people with similar hobbies.

This year, students are simply kept in their 4th mod classes for an extra half hour to participate in; basically, a shortened resource. The teacher typically has no activities planned, and lets the class do whatever they please.  

The old set schedule of having Torch Time every other Wednesday has been completely thrown out of the picture as well, with crazily random weeks of occurrence.The first month of school was on a steady schedule, with one Torch Time session every two weeks. However, lately, everyone has been extremely confused as to what has gone on with the scheduling; mid-way through the quarter, students have been hit with out of the blue with Torch Times left and right.

There is no more excitement about wondering who is going to be in your Torch Time anymore; it will always be the same people in the same classroom doing the same thing every time.

Needless to say, Torch Time has certainly lost its flame since last year.


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