I’m Just Sayin’: Teens Using Tech

Yetla Reyna , Cover Editor

Adults have more than one phone for some jobs, and they use them constantly. I see adults on their phones all the time in and out of work but they get on our case for being on our phones “too much.”

One thing that really gets to me though, is when teens are on their phones they get the “Get off your phone” or “you’re always on your phone.” I don’t want to bash on anyone, but kids who are significantly younger than us have grown up accustomed to having iPads and iPhones in front of them all the time. If they don’t have some kind of technology in front of them, they start whining about it but they don’t get in trouble for it.

It is not our fault that parents gave us phones when we were “so little.” And I really don’t think we got our phones when we were little. I got a slide phone only because my brother went to middle school and I didn’t have a way to communicate with my parents. I got my first smartphone in middle school, and not my first iPhone until freshman year.

Older adults tend to judge us for our phones too, but we just happened to be born in the time of the technology advances. It’s like them growing up with a rotary dial, it was what was available at the time.

I guess I do see the other side to it, we all have phones and if we don’t, we’re getting one. I like to compare it to the Silly Bandz era, everyone had some, everyone wanted some and everyone got some, the only difference being this phone era will not die, only advance.

Adults see us as teenagers always on our phones, but they do not see the good we do. Our grades, volunteering and clubs, all of those get overshadowed by our technology use. Not only does the good we do get overshadowed, little kids do nothing compared to us and get praised when they find a new unboxing video.

But you know, I’m just sayin’.


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