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Why I decided to graduate early

Abigail Larken, Students and Lifestyle Editor

For as long as I can remember, I have been a highly motivated person. I also never questioned the idea of attending college after going to high school for four years. Once I started high school, the years seemed to move quickly with ease, until I hit my junior year.

Almost every graduated high school person I run into claims that junior year is the hardest during high school. I found this idea to be overwhelmingly and extremely true. Even with my hardcore motivation, maintaining a balance of four AP classes, work, extracurricular activities, and self care was a difficult task.

It was also during my junior year that I identified what I wanted to learn. I found that I had a desire to explore creative writing, public relations, and graphic design during college. So halfway through my junior year, I needed to be in college to learn those skills as soon as possible.

The only problem: I was stuck in high school for another year and a half.

Instead of hanging around in high school, I decided I would graduate high school after a semester of my senior year and start college in January. After meeting with my counselor, I realized how much my extreme motivation was paying off.

After thorough planning and investigation, my senior year consists of getting my remaining two credits. On December 20th, I will have my last day of high school and on January 4th I will start my first day of college.

No doubt, my senior year has been a whirlwind despite taking lowkey classes. With multiple college visits, scholarship applications, and two jobs, my life has certainly been hectic. However, I would not change it for the world.

Reflecting on my decision to graduate early, I know with all of my heart that this was the perfect choice for me. I have an intellectual curiosity that can only be satisfied in an environment filled with passionate people about certain subjects.

Even though I have not bought a single thing for a dorm room and there is less than a month until I move away from home, I am excited to explore new realms of education that simply cannot be found in high school.

Columbus East was the perfect high school choice for me, however, I know it is time that I take all my motivation and put it to good use. High school has opened hundreds of doors for me, but I know college will open a thousand more.

Throughout the years here I have made lifelong friends and discovered my true passions, and for that I am eternally grateful.


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