Stairwell Secret

Yetla Reyna, Cover Editor

The best stairwell in the school varies year to year, for everyone. My first year I had five classes in the basement and first floor, that’s a lot more than any other year. So like I said, it differs for everyone. After four long years though, I have ranked the E-A-S-T stairwells from best to last.

Starting with E, I think I’d rank it second. It’s perfect for my third floor classes, both right in the corner of the school. I use it at least twice a day. I’ve heard some people say they use it to get to the second floor so they don’t seem out of breath. So I mean E isn’t bad, but I also don’t use it enough to have it at the top of my list.

I’m in my newspaper class most of my day, so I think my rankings may be a little skewed. That being said, the A stairwell is directly across from that classroom. Not only is it near that class, it’s also usually near my math and English classes. Daily, I’d say I use it about 4 times a day. So for those reasons, that’s why I choose A as the best stairwell.

Even though they’re the last two on my list, S and T still have a few significant reasons to be third and fourth.

S is sort of in the middle, it usually takes more time to walk coming from there, and in a hurry, I’d like to get to class as fast as possible. S is a little too far from my newspaper and English classes, while A is right there, leads straight to them. I rank S as fourth because I don’t use it, ever.

And honestly, the only reason T is there, for me, is to go down to the band lot or to get to both of the Hamblings’ science classrooms. Another downside to T, is there are always some couples canoodling. So as I have used it more than S, T makes third on my ranking.

Convenience plays a huge part in what the best stairwell is, depending on what classes you have. But to me, it’s no secret that the best stairwell overall has been the A stairwell.