The Importance of Free the Nipple

Shelby Gordon, Opinion Editor

Over the past year,  the Free the Nipple Movement has gained tons of momentum and support from millions of men and women. It’s mission is to foster equality between men and women despite anatomical differences. If a man can go topless in certain public areas, then why are women prevented from doing the same?   

This movement, while still controversial, is now becoming more socially acceptable throughout many cultures. While it’s clear that there are some who hold more conservative opinions about why nipples, or more specifically why women’s nipples, are obscene and should not be depicted in social settings, the truth of the matter is that nipples have been oversexualized throughout media despite the fact that women’s breasts are intended for nursing their children.

While media portrays women’s bodies as objects intended for sexual pleasure, many are speaking out against this injustice by standing with Free the Nipple to create equality between men and women and to fight against oversexualizing women.

This movement promotes freedom for women to be able to make their own decisions about their body based upon their own level of comfort. It is important that women conceal their breasts because they want to and not because of the pressure of societal acceptance and shame.

While this movement has been increasing momentum, it is now gaining popularity within other countries and now college campuses, both of which are crusading against the oversexulization of women and even rape culture.

While many want to assume that the importance of normalizing women’s nipples are just a cry for sexual attention, it’s more than that for many reasons.

In essence, this movement has everything to do with gender equality,  and social equality, but for whatever reason, people still aren’t taking women rights seriously enough.

It is time for women and men to speak out against the injustices made against women, not just within social settings but online as well in order to end the oversexualization of the female body.

While diminishing the idea that gender or social equality is a passing fad is important, it is also important for students to realize that equality, over any subject, should not be treated to passing attention which won’t bring about real change. Equality is a human right and should be taken seriously.


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