Weekly News Update

Isaac Harper, A&E Editor

March For Our Lives:

Students and adults alike march in over 800 locations to support tighter gun control legislation. Taking place on March 24th, millions came to support the event, even big name celebrities.


Mark Zuckerberg has been asked to testify in light of accusations that Facebook has been leaking private information to companies for money. Despite claims that Facebook cares about keeping data safe, all info and statistics were released without anonymity.

Trump seeks ban on transexuals in military:

President Trump hopes to pass a bill into law allowing transexual citizens to be denied from joining the military. He also states that their will be special instances that allow them to be admitted, with those yet to be discovered.

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer seeks to oust Trump:

Daniels’ lawyer hopes to sue for damages against Trump. More details have yet to come out regarding the situation.