A Couple of On-Screen Couples that Just Don’t Work

Aliza Presto

Grace Staggs, Writer


Throughout cinematic history, one powerful and prevailing theme is love. However, love is not always right. Most of the time, when love is wrong, the characters eventually end the relationship. When the series or movie ends, these characters have usually found the “right” person. However, that is not always the case. Here are the five worst on-screen couples (that ended up together), in order of least to most horrible.

#5) Aria and Ezra This Pretty Little Liars power couple ended up working pretty well, but it should never have happened in the first place. When they got together, Ezra was Aria’s English teacher in high school. She almost got him fired (not to mention arrested), yet neither of them terminated the relationship. Then Aria found out that Ezra had lied to her countless times and, while she got upset, they still ended up together. This relationship was unhealthy, and even illegal, for a long time.

#4) Robin and Ted – This couple from the sitcom How I Met Your Mother does not work. In fact, there are entire seasons dedicated to how poorly they go together. While it makes sense that Ted would look for love again after his wife Tracy died (people die all the time, and it is unhealthy to never move on), he looked in the wrong place. The show highlights this by making the scene where Ted and Robin get together at the end replicate the scene where they got together for the first time; if it didn’t work the first time, why should the exact same situation work a second?

#3) Dan and Serena – Dan and Serena of Gossip Girl’s Upper East Side were a disaster from beginning to end. For part of the time that Dan and Serena were dating, their parents were married. For another section of their love life, Dan was using Serena as his writing muse to popularize himself. Serena also made it clear that she would choose any of her other friends over Dan any day of the week. Even if none of this was true, Dan was Gossip Girl. He was cruel to Serena and all of her friends. That alone should have terminated their relationship.

#2) Rachel and Jesse – Glee was one of the greatest shows around until the real life death of ½ of their power couple played by Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson on the show). When Finn died, Rachel was thrown into a pit of despair. Rachel took her time to get over Finn, and eventually ended up finding love again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Rachel was able to find love. However, she found this love through a man who hated Finn and was very mean to Rachel when they dated the first time earlier in the series. Jessie St. James lied and even “egged” Rachel, he was just plain rude. In my opinion, he is the absolute last person worthy of taking Finn’s place.

#1) Ariel and Eric – While I love a good Disney movie as much as the next girl, I could never quite get on board with the horrendous love story displayed in The Little Mermaid. When Ariel and Prince Eric were supposed to be falling in love, Ariel could not speak. In fact, she did not really communicate by any means at all. Eric fell in love with a woman without a voice. You should never trust a man who loves a woman who never gives her opinion.

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