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Wikipedia Game

Andy Davidson and Jake Schoenegge, Writers

The Wikipedia game is one of the most groundbreaking games of this generation.

The focus of the game is to get to a predetermined Wikipedia page decided before the game starts. Begin the game by starting at a randomly chosen page and, using only the links embedded in Wikipedia, you try to reach the predetermined page. Each player gets to their random starting page by pressing the random article button on the left side of the Wikipedia page.

The predetermined page is the same for each player in the game (It can be played with as many players as you want), and the first player to reach it is declared the winner.

Here is a list of some suggestions for predetermined pages to use in your own game:



-Indianapolis Motor Speedway

-Columbus East High School

-Avengers: Infinity War

-Neil Patrick Harris

-German Shepherd

-The month of March


-Hot dog


Stay tuned for more competitions with experts Andy Davidson and Jake Schoenegge.

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