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The Oracle Seniors

The Oracle Seniors

Noah Shoaf
Courtney Schnur

Thomas Voils

Future Plans: Attend Ball State and major in telecommunications Job Title: Editor of Opinion Favorite Newspaper Memory: Being the DJ and spreading the love of 80's music and blasting Careless Whisper despite disapproving looks from Kat

Klayton Brummett
Caleb Davidson
Shelby Gordon
Soren Fox
Delaney Jackson

Tori Overfelt

Future Plans: Studying Missions at Johnson University Job Title: Designer Favorite Newspaper Memory: The first time I saw one of my designs in a print issue  

Kat Richardson
Isaac Harper

Leonardo Saldivar

Future Plans: Attending Purdue University to study Industrial Design Job Title: Designer Favorite Newspaper Memory: When Reagan and I played sporcle instead of doing our work.

Andy Davidson

Future Plans: Attend Ball State to study Marketing Job Title: Writer Favorite Newspaper Memory: Playing Euchre

Cam Key

Audrey Tian

Future: Study aviation technology with a focus in aviation management at Univeristy of Alaska and get married November 2018 Job Title: Designer Favorite Newspaper Memory: Mr. Duncan's birthday party

Natalie Ryan
Max Nolting

Yetlanetzi Reyna

Future Plans: Attending Indiana University and studying journalism Job Title: Editor of Cover and Features Favorite Newspaper Memory: Dallas with all of my friends (especially the party with Aliza)

Natalie Glaid

Future Plans: Attending IU Bloomington to study Business Job Title: Editor of Content Favorite Newspaper Memory: Thanksgiving party junior year

Reagan Perkins
Aliza Presto
Eli Newell
Emily Hales

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