Starbucks Vs McDonald’s

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Starbucks Vs McDonald’s

Starbucks Vs McDonald's

Starbucks Elaina Sims

Have you ever went into McDonalds and thought, “Wow, did they make my coffee with rabbit droppings or coffee beans?” because you’re not alone. Starbucks coffee is where it is at.

When you go to Starbucks and look at the prices, don’t have a heart attack. The quality is worth the price. Everything from a vanilla latte, to a caramel frappuccino, to a simple dark roast coffee with no cream or sugar, is all delicious. It tastes like heaven in your mouth when you drink it. No, God did not handcraft your coffee, that was the barista more than likely named something along the lines of Jessica or Sara.

Also at Starbucks is the multitude of choices. Do you want milk or cream? Two shots of espresso or three? Do you want a cappuccino or just a regular iced coffee? Not to worry, Starbucks baristas can make just about anything. Would you rather go to McDonalds and them ask if you want your coffee in a small or a large? Or for them to tell you the machine is broken just like the icecream machine? Instead, go to Starbucks where you can pick any coffee you can think of.

When you order something from McDonalds, do you want to have to wonder (even if it was JUST a dollar or two), if it actually is coffee at all? You might as well go a dollar or two up for the finest coffee you will ever get.


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McDonald's Hailee Bott

Hi, do you like being basic and paying more than you should? Then go to Starbucks! They have overpriced drinks that look really pretty, but, be honest, you know you’re really only buying it for the Snapchat story views. Then you drink it, and, you know, it’s okay, but you just paid, like, 4 dollars for this, dude! Shouldn’t you enjoy it at the very least?


I mean, do that math! The price of a large iced coffee at McDonalds is $1.99. The price of a large (“venti” — whatever) iced coffee at Starbucks is $2.95 (and the cup is way smaller by the way)! The iced coffee from McDonalds is just as good as it would be from Starbucks — and if you’re slightly caffeine addicted like me — gets the job done just fine. The taste is just the right amount of sweet and bitter and overall very nice on the taste buds. Just thinking of this coffee right now makes me want some, and it’s 10 at night.


Aside from iced coffee, McDonald’s has a growing collection of frappes, macchiatos, and even frozen coffee! One of my favorites is the “Chocolate Chip Frappe.” It is just the perfect mix of chocolatey-mocha goodness. I will agree, Starbucks has a wider selection of coffee, but if you’re hungry you’re out of luck. At McDonald’s, however, you can get your coffee and your BigMac!


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