Five Below Review

Hannah Harris

Five Below Review

As I am currently writing this, I’m wearing a unique avocado neck pillow. This neck pillow is no ordinary neck pillow, however. Other than the fact that it has avocados on it, I also bought the surprisingly comfy pillow for only five dollars.

The pillow is incredible with just the right amount of balance between neck support and comfiness. The fabric is made of extremely soft, velvety material and covered in my all-time second favorite fruit.

Not only did I make the best neck pillow purchase in my life, but I also bought 12 foot long fairy lights for a total of, you guessed it, five dollars.

If it just seems too good to be true, don’t worry, it’s not. Five Below has an assortment of all types of items ranging from one to five dollars. From regular school supplies to hot stone massage kits, the possibility of what you might find seems endless.

I didn’t expect much when I first heard of what is now one of my favorite stores. I was under the impression that all the items were either going to be low-quality or non-trendy. Five dollars can only go so far, or so I thought.

My assumption of what I thought would be a low quality store was wrong. Even the one dollar items were quality products like baseballs or bubble face masks.

Overall, Five Below offers both fun and essential items for a more than reasonable price. I will definitely be back soon, possibly to look for a matching avocado blanket.