Elbow Mac vs Shell Mac

Ethan Glaid & Cayden Rooks

Cayden Rooks-Elbows

Elbow macaroni is the classic form of macaroni. It is one of the highlights of being a kid. Everyone can remember being little and eating your macaroni and chicken nuggets while you watch your favorite cartoons. Elbow macaroni brings back good memories. It also complements the mac and cheese the best. Those noodles really belong in it, you don’t see them anywhere else. Also with the elbow macaroni you get just the right amount of cheese with every bite so it tastes wonderful. Unlike the shell macaroni the texture of the elbow noodles is perfect. They fill up with the cheese and they don’t get rubbery like the shell noodles. The elbow macaroni is also a bit thicker than the shell kind so it fills you up faster. Elbow macaroni is prefered by kids and adults alike.

Ethan Glaid - Shell

When needing to decide between the disgusting piece of pasta known as elbow macaroni, and the fantastic, deliciousness known as shell macaroni, shells are clearly the better option. Shell macaroni is such a superior pasta. While many people feel that elbow is a classic option that relates right back to your childhood, shells are bringing a new age to the macaroni business. Its shape is perfect for housing all the extra, gooey cheese into one powerful bite. Shell macaroni is also more compact, so you get much more in every single bite. Shell macaroni is the obvious choice and whose delicious taste can never be brought down by elbow macaroni. After all, shells are known for their Liquid Gold™.


Elbow Mac vs Shell Mac

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