Gucci To Goodwill

Monica Burton

When a new cycle of fashion and trends for the next generation comes to a start, usually the old fads of yesterday must make their way to the left behind. However, the cycle is beginning to create a new rotation with vintage clothes appearing to be the new vogue of today.

One of the most popular thrift stores to shop at is the nonprofit organization Goodwill. With two locations right here in Columbus, Goodwill is becoming one of the prominent places to shop at because of the bargains and uncommon items any individual may find.

Many East students have taken a regular interest in shopping at Goodwill for various finds they may discover. Sophomore Allison Piatkowski says she shops at Goodwill at least once or twice a week depending on her schedule. Instead of paying retail prices for new clothing, Piatkowski loves to design her own outfits from deals she can find.

“It’s easy to create your own style that’s very unique to your personality,” Piatkowski said.

Sometimes, the lucky bargain hunters can identify expensive and designer brands that can be worth hundreds of dollars and only end up paying a small amount. Goodwill occasionally ends up with rare brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Levi, and many more.

Junior Jacob Lienhoop also shops at Goodwill at least once a week. Lienhoop’s greatest Goodwill purchase was a genuine Gucci belt.

Back in 2013, the Hip Hop Duo, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, won a Billboard Music Award for their hit song, “Thrift Shop.” This specific song inspired Senior Dusty Anderson to start going to Goodwill back when he was in sixth grade. Anderson also shops at other thrift stores in Columbus such as San Souci and a sorority thrift shop downtown along with both Goodwills. For his senior project, Anderson decided to take his love of thrifting and make his own personal apparel.

“For my senior project, I’m basically creating a fashion line from clothes that San Souci can’t sell and making new clothes out of them,” Anderson said.

Goodwill often has sales going on to help attract customers even with their low prices. On the first Saturday of each month, everything at Goodwill is half price to all ages. Even without the discount, the prices of most items are very close to just a couple of dollars. For only two dollars, Anderson bought a BAPE button up shirt worth over $250 when sold at retail.

“People should go thrifting because it’s cheap and it is repurposing clothes people would normally throw out,” Anderson said.

Thrifting is mostly based on the luck of the find. Sometimes, even with the loose change on the floorboard, one can either make a larger profit or take home a new treasure.