Fashion Trends


Caroline Emerick

Since school has begun there have been many fashion trends going around, like Birkenstocks,  overalls, scrunchies and denim skirts. Did you know that 70% of people have a tendency to follow fashion trends. There seems to be many types of outfits to choose from, but I have put together some of the most popular ones that would look great for specific occasions.

The first outfit consists of a pair of Birkenstocks along with skinny jeans and to complement them a nice floral top. This would be perfect for school pictures or a day at the mall.

Next is a combo of Chacos with a denim skirt and an off the shoulder top. This would be great for a nice school outfit or a walk by the beach.

For guys there are still tons of different trendy combos out there. As an outfit for school you could wear Vans with jogger pants and a white shirt with a plaid unbuttoned shirt over. You could also wear Adidas shoes and a Nike shirt with khaki shorts, or a sports jersey and Crocs with it.

As a great look for a fall photo for girls, you could wear tall boots with a jean skirt and plaid unbuttoned shirt with a white short sleeve under it. As for the guys, you could wear jeans with a letterman jacket and a shirt of your choice under it.

It looks like there are many different types of fashion trends to follow this year.