Get You Sumo That

Annie Bastian

Who in their right mind would volunteer to dress up like a sumo wrestler in front of the student body and battle one another? Thursday night at the first Varsity wrestling meet of the season against Seymour, teachers and students alike participated in sumo battles alongside the East team. The East student body came out to support the team and sumo wrestlers by cheering them on to victory. As the students came in they did not know what to expect. Senior Molly Newton was surprised by how the event was set up.

“I was surprised by the layout. I was expecting tackling but it ended up being more compact and easier to push one another out,” Newton.

All in all though, the night and turnout was a success. Student Coach Cody Horner was content with the turnout.
“There were a lot of crazy excited people around which [made] the whole thing really fun,” said Horner.

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