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Aiden Nesci

Dear Mrs. Heredia,

Spanish has never been easy for me. It’s always been my most challenging subject. But this year, with you as my teacher, I have improved a lot. Your teaching style has helped me learn more about Spanish than I thought I ever would. At the beginning of the school year when you said that the class was going to be reading novels in Spanish, I was terrified. But as the school year went by, I became more and more confident in my Spanish abilities, and when the time came to read the novels, I had a wonderful time reading them. I would never have been able to read the novels if it were not for you teaching us well.

Each afternoon, when I walked into your class, you almost always greeted me with “Hola!” Each time you did this, you made my day. You always seemed very happy to teach us. Each day, you had a smile on your face while you taught us. My favorite memory from your class was when we played The Unfair Game. While we played, I would have fun, but also learn. So thank you, for a fun game where I can actually learn. When I first signed up for Spanish three long years ago, I only did it to get the Academic Honors diploma. Now, after having your class, I have gained a passion for the language of Spanish that I did not have before.

Spanish will be very important later on in my life.  It is a skill that I will most likely need for a future career, whatever that may be. Even if I do not use it, it will still be a skill that I could come in handy. And thanks to you, if I ever need to communicate in Spanish, I can. Thank you Mrs. Heredia, for giving me an excellent year of Spanish.

Your student, 

Aiden Nesci

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