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Weekly Infographics: 2021
February 15, 2021

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Design By: Allie Hall
Stop By for Self-Care: Prioritizing YOU for a Better Life
Vibha Srinivasan, Social Media Editor • February 10, 2021

Within the last year, many of us have come to terms with our lack of ability to slow down. In comparison to countries around the world, Americans...

Design By: Savannah Wells
The Road to Veganism
Savannah Wells, Staff Reporter • January 8, 2021

Veganism is becoming a more prominent way of living as more people learn about not only the health benefits, but the harsh conditions animals...

Beyond the Flame: Eli Newell
Beyond the Flame: Eli Newell
Cam Key, Web Editor • April 12, 2018

Beyond the Flame: Soren Fox
Beyond the Flame: Soren Fox
Cam Key, Web Editor of Content • February 21, 2018

Beyond the Flame: Tim Rix
Beyond the Flame: Tim Rix
Julia Claire Randle, Photographer • April 21, 2017

Senior Julia Claire Randle explores the life of students and staff at Columbus East High School for her senior project. Episode Four features...