Senior Maeleigh Roberts stays prepared to guard the perimeter.
Girls Basketball vs. Cathedral
Nathan Phan, Content Editor • January 26, 2023

Senior night is a time filled with many emotions, especially for those who have put their heart and soul on the court for their entire high school career. A night to remember for sure, especially for seniors Allison Craig,...

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Olympian swimmers prepare to dive into the pool during warm ups.
Boys and Girls Swim vs. Madison
Katey Rieckers, Web Editor • January 12, 2023
Bo Wagner getting ready to attack
East vs. Cathedral Wrestling
Sara Durnil, Business Manager • January 8, 2023
Cheerleaders enter the gymnasium.
Boys Basketball vs. North
Sierra Perkinson, Content Editor • January 7, 2023
Players compete in the championship game.
3v3 Student Assembly Basketball Tournament
Heidi Banaschak and Arlynn Fleming April 10, 2023

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Ranked: The Musical
Ranked: The Musical
November 22, 2022
Alexandrias Legacy
Alexandria's Legacy
Cole Staggs, Content Editor • April 12, 2023

From the luscious shores and reeds of the Mesopotamian to the dense salt of the Atlantic Ocean, Egypt has been widely renowned for their vast inventions and educational prowess, especially the Library of Alexandria.  The...

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A Valentines Day Tragedy
A Valentine's Day Tragedy
February 6, 2023