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Savannah Wells

Dear Mr. Hartman, 

With the Coronavirus hitting the country and everything being shut down, students are struggling. Online school can be stressful, especially when it comes to the amount of assignments given by each teacher. Each East teacher is handling things differently, but I am thankful for how you are approaching eLearning. Your process on assigning assignments is perfect. You are giving the right amount and not giving stress to any students. With Teacher Appreciation Week coming up, I decided to write to you. 

Thank you for taking time out of your day and stress at home to come and talk to us. Giving Zoom calls each week for extra help and explanation is a good way to show that you care. Your attitude toward students makes us feel like you care about us, not just your job. You make everyone feel included in class discussions and are always friendly to us. Going to your class puts me in a better mood. Having you this year and last year helped me make the decision to go into business. 

Finally, I wanted to mention how your class benefits me. To be honest, Personal Finance is the first class I have had where I have learned information that I know I will use in the future. It is an essential class and you do a great job at presenting the information in creative ways. This class will definitely benefit me long-term and I will always remember the information I have learned. Again, thank you for everything you do to help your students. 


Your student, Savannah Wells

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