East vs. Whiteland Football

The East Football Team runs out to start off the 2022 season.
The team hypes up the starting varsity players.
Senior Nathaniel Hedrick kicks the ball to start off the game.
The varsity cheerleaders cheer for their team.
Varsity cheerleaders perform a stunt for the fans.
The team getting ready to set up a play.
The team going after the ball.
Senior Jacob Guse and Junior Oliver Bush talking on the sidelines.
Senior Nathaniel Hedrick filling up a cup for the student section.
Coach Hillenburg walking on the sideline.
The team setting up for a play.
The team making a play.
Senior Ethan Duncan making a touchdown.
The student section cheering after the touchdown.
Senior Javeon Smith celebrating.
Coach Vogel talking to the team.
Junior Kane Cruz hyping up the team.