Austin Lewis

Opinion: Should Starbucks cups be affiliated with Christianity?

Austin Lewis, Writer December 8, 2015

I don’t go into Starbucks often -- maybe once a month; I’m not much of a coffee drinker and I can get at least ten times the amount of Arizona Tea for what I would pay for a “Butterbeer” Frappuccino....

Senior Jacob Harpring

Opinion – How will autonomous cars affect teen car culture?

Jacob Harpring, Writer November 19, 2015

The autonomous car is very much upon us. Anyone who has gotten on the internet in the past six months has surely seen something about a car that drives itself and several very anxious passengers. Obviously,...

The Bartholomew County Memorial for Veterans is located in the Courthouse Square in Columbus, Indiana.

Veterans Day given less importance in high school

Austin Lewis, Writer November 11, 2015

Every year on November 11, elementary schools across the country rally their students in their gym and bring in veterans from across the community to put on a convocation for Veterans Day. Every year...

Senior Jacob Harpring, hard at work during Newspaper class.

Senioritis – Opinion

Jacob Harpring, Writer October 23, 2015

After three strenuous years of homework, mind-numbing classes, large group lectures, caffeine infused late nights and the tremendous balancing act of school, sports, work and attempting to be somewhat...

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