Spring Cleaning Spruce Up


Design By: Joycee Redman

Caroline Emerick, Content Editor

April is now upon us and with the quarantine still in effect, many people are struggling on finding ways to keep busy. But the solution is clear, it is time to start spring cleaning. No matter what shape or condition a home is in, it is always a good idea to go through and clean and declutter every six months to a year. With that in mind here are some tips and ways to spruce up, organize and clean the house this month. 

Clean Appliances

One of the most commonly used objects in a home is its appliances. This can mean refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, washing machines and even microwaves. Just simply using a wet wipe or cloth is a great way to wipe away all the germs that accumulate on these.

Wash Windows  

These can get very dirty very quickly depending on where you live. Washing them with a half vinegar half water solution is a great and easy way to rid your windows of dirt and grime.

Dust Your Home Thoroughly

This can mean dusting all those hard to reach surfaces too. Like tops of bookshelves, mantels and the tops of ceiling fans.

Clean Out Kitchen

A good place to start here is by cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer. Getting rid of old or moldy food is both a healthy and clean task to practice. After that, degreasing cooking appliances and washing all countertops and cabinets will get your kitchen looking very pristine.

Mop and Vacuum All Floors

This one is simple enough to be done every week. Just going through and vacuuming all the rooms in your home will get rid of lots of dust.

Wash All Curtains and Bed Sheets

This is an opportunity to give your home a nice smell. Surprisingly there can be lots of dust that hides in and on your curtains as well so putting them in the washing machine on the gentle cycle will give them some extra freshness. 

Declutter Closet

Now that seasons have changed it is important to go through your clothes. By using three boxes and labeling one keep, donate and put away this will free up drawer and closet space to ensure a nice, organized wardrobe.