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Taylor Glady

Dear Ms. Ticen, 

I want to start by saying, thank you for being such an amazing teacher. You have so much patience and willingness to help with your students. You are always willing to answer any type of question your students have. I personally enjoy your class because I feel dental is a passion of mine and it is a useful trait and not “busy work.” I enjoy coming to your class every day during school. You’re always willing to listen any time about any type of problems that your students have, whether it’s in a different class or their personal lives you give advice about anything. 

I remember once in class everyone was having a hard time, and you made sure you went through and individually talked with everyone and helped with the assignment to make sure we were all completing it correctly. Your teaching style is great too. I enjoy the way you teach your students because not only is the class involved with hands-on activities, but when we have a PowerPoint or in-class assignment, you always make sure we completely understand our assignment and what is expected from us. 

You always make sure that all of our questions are answered and that we are comfortable in your class to be able to ask any type of question. Your class overall is a great class to be able to learn in. I think this class is a great class to attend if someone is interested in any type of dental. This class will benefit me in the long run because it has taught me everything about a dental office and what they would want from an employee.

Sincerely, Your Student, 

Taylor Glady  

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