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Ethan Glaid

Dear Mr. Schmidt, 

Before I get started with how influential and passionate and generous you are, can you believe I was able to get your name? What a score! So, before you go on and mumble under your breath “Oh Glaid not again,” I think you are going to be overwhelmed with joy with what you are about to read.

First of all, I want to tell you how much of an impact you have had on my life. Not only did you teach me everything there is to know about perfect competition in the long run, but you also taught me what it means to be a great student. Before I met you I was CONSUMED with getting these perfect grades. I can not stress enough how many times I have worried about my grades whenever I am cramming for my next AP Physics test. However, whenever stress waves come crashing down, I always seem to go back to our lunchtime talks. You showed me that what really matters are the things I am able to understand and not just some small letter on a piece of paper that I get four times a year. You showed me what it meant to learn, not just memorize. 

Not only did you have such a huge impact on my life inside the classroom, but outside of it. as well. I believe it was two months before the AP Exam when you first introduced me to the triangle. The triangle had three things written above each vertex: Good grades, Social life and Enough sleep, also known as the three building blocks of life! However, in the middle of the triangle, you wrote: “choose two.” That same night, I went home, wrote the same triangle on an index card and taped it right above my desk. It’s been there ever since, and whenever I enter my umpteenth hour of homework, I always glance back at it to remind me of the things you have taught me throughout the years. 

Now, I know you may say that my success in the classroom, and in life, is largely due to the amount of time, effort and focus I put into my work, but when I look back on my Econ experience, you are the main reason for my success. The amount of time and effort you put forth into making your students happy is like none that I have ever seen. You care so much for your students that the impact you have on their lives is greater than you can ever even imagine. 

AP Economics truly changed my life. Not only did I form lifelong bonds with people like Maggie and Corbin, but I met you, and that is more valuable than any lesson I will ever be taught in any classroom.


(your favorite student of all time)

Ethan Glaid 

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