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Maggie O’Connor

Dear Mrs. Kannianen, 

During the three quarters we got of the 2019-2020 school year, I am grateful for every class period I got with you. Being a junior was stressful, and still is, but you helped me to see the purpose behind the stress. I have always been the type of student to just do the work and get the credit, but I am forever changed because of your teaching style and class. Your tough love and honest feedback is something I never took for granted, and appreciated so much from a teacher, especially in English. I am forever grateful to have had a teacher like you who was so willing to sit down, take the time and genuinely help me improve my skills. 

Throughout the school year, whether we were writing an essay, reading a novel or anything else under the sun, you were there to help guide me through the things I did not understand, without straight up telling me what to do. That is something I need in my academic career because I have been known to take the easy way out a time or two. Your (sometimes brutal) honesty was much needed, and helped me grow as a student and person. Sometimes the point to all of this work in high school can get lost for me, but you always reminded the class that everything we did had a purpose. You never gave us anything that would not benefit us later down the road. If I had had any other teacher this year for English, I do not think I would have grown as much as I did this year. Junior year was the year that I needed to step up and put in the work, and you helped me to see that goal and accomplish it from the beginning. 

So, thank you Mrs. Kannianen for everything you have done for me, our class, and all of the students you have had in the past. Thank you for helping me see my full potential, work harder, and accomplish things I never thought I could. I have truly learned so much from you and cannot wait to further my English knowledge with everything you have taught me to help me through it. 


Maggie O’Connor

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