A New(ell) Ultimate Frisbee Team


Alex Hahn, Writer

High School athletics are dominated by a few sports: football, soccer, track and field, cross country, swimming, basketball, soft and baseball, even band and guard. Yet there are a few sports that never get their due: Orienteering, Water Polo, Jousting, and Ultimate Frisbee. Now at least one of these sports is coming to East; the school is getting an Ultimate Frisbee club, started by Sophomore Camden Newell and math teacher Mr. Briggs.

Finding themselves with a mutual love of the sport, but no one to share it with, they decided to start a club that would unite like-minded people to play the game. Starting out they imagined that the club would be small, about ten to twelve people. However, once their advertising started the response was overwhelming. Both of them have had their inbox swamped with requests for information and are scrambling to adequately respond to the interest.

What the two of them imagined would center around a few weekly pickup games is rapidly looking like it may develop into a miniature Ultimate Frisbee league with rosters and rotations and game schedules.

While a day for the call out or information meeting has yet to be established, Newell and Briggs are already beginning to think about whether or not to develop more of a leadership team.

Regardless, Newell and Briggs are eager to get started, hoping to begin play sometime this winter. They have also schedualed a call out meeting for after school next Wednesday. If you’re interested in more information, they can be contacted via email at [email protected] or [email protected]