Friday Feuds: Are Snapchat Streaks Worth It?


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Luke Harpring and Annie Bastian

Snapchat streaks can make or break friendships. Different people have different takes on snap streaks. Read each side below and vote with your opinion!

Yes (Annie)

Today, Snapchat is the way that teens connect to one another. It is almost unheard of to find someone without a dozen streaks on their phone that they check daily.

Snapchat helps unlikely friends keep in contact with the incentive of keeping a streak, and staying in touch on a day-to-day basis.

I love the idea and use of streaks. It is an amazing way to stay in touch with people and keep a bond between distancing friends. All of my 20 streaks are people that I would consider myself to be friends with.

Keeping the streak alive takes a dedication that both parties must commit to. There are always people who take it overboard and have a streak with all their contacts, but in general it keeps friends together and opens doors for growing friendship.

As someone who has a streak of over 700 consecutive days, I love snapchat streaks and how they keep me linked with all my friends so that I can see them every day.

No (Luke)

Since the creation of Snapchat, regular users of the app have become attracted to the “streak” feature of the platform, which occurs when two users have sent each other Snapchats within 24 hours for four or more days. After the streak begins, a number counts each consecutive day that the streak continues.

Some users make streaks with their friends or really anyone that they decide to Snapchat regularly, and as streaks get larger and larger, some people begin to have increased value in their streaks, and oftentimes if someone accidentally breaks a streak, the other Snapchat user who had the streak gets very angry over losing a virtual achievement that means virtually nothing.

Any reasonable outsider would realize that a number counting the consecutive days that two people have sent each other messages means nothing in terms of building a real friendship. The problem with Snapchat streaks lies not around the concept in the app, but rather how people treat streaks.

Real friendships are built by real-life interaction and sharing experiences, and because an increasing number of people believe that their “achievement” of holding a Snapchat streak validates their friendship with a person, the platform has started to become an issue.

To really show your friendship with someone, put down your phone and go do something with that person. In the real world.


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