Breakfast: Is It Important

Hannah Harris, Writer

When people refer to “the most important meal of the day,” they are usually talking about breakfast. Although given an influential label, breakfast is still skipped by many in the morning. If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then why isn’t everyone eating it?


People who do not eat in the morning have their reasons for doing so. Breakfast can cause a person to feel more hungry throughout the day than if they went without it. Time is a valuable asset for some, and finding extra of it can be difficult. If eating breakfast makes a person hungrier, and time is hard to find, then breakfast can be a burden for certain people.


On the other hand, breakfast has multiple health benefits. Eating the first hour of waking up boosts the digestive system and stabilizes glucose levels, which can yield to weight loss.


According to a study done by Food Insight, people who consume breakfast daily have a higher intake of fiber, calcium, and necessary vitamins. These nutrients boost a person’s energy and help a person focus.


Whether breakfast is important or not all depends on the individual. Daily habits and age can play a significant role on how important it is. If a person skips breakfast every day, his or her body is going to be more accustomed to going without it.


Age is also a factor in the importance of breakfast. Studies have shown that it is especially important for adolescents to eat a healthy breakfast because of the necessary nutrients needed for growth.


Overall, the importance of breakfast is determined by habits, age, and preference.