Educators from Japan visit East


Principal Mark Newell speaks with a visitor from Columbus’ sister city: Miyoshi, Japan.

Irma Bruce, Writer

Columbus East High School had visitors from the other side of the world this past Wednesday. A group of Japanese educators visited the school to see, learn, and understand how the students and teachers work at Columbus East.

The visitors took a tour of the school with East principal Mark Newell in order to understand how our school works.

“The students here look very willing to study,” said one of the Japanese educators.

One of the educators from Japan described the differences between East and Japanese schools.

“First of all, it is very different from our schools. Each student is very independent here. Japanese students act when they are told. Each of the students follow instructions from teachers in Japan schools,” he said, via translator.

Miyoshi, Japan has a special connection with Columbus. It has been Columbus’ sister city since 1994.