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The Magic of Christmas

Joycee Redman, Staff Reporter December 25, 2020

All around the world, there are children who grow up believing in Santa Claus. Though there are different names for him, even different traditions, Santa remains a vital part of Christmas for many children....

Which Christmas Character Are You?

Which Christmas Character Are You?

Emily Ostrom, Content Editor December 16, 2020

Take this quiz to find out which festive friend you are most like! https://www.opinionstage.com/22ostrome/what-christmas-movie-character-are-you  

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Which Starbucks Holiday Cup Are You?

Caroline Emerick, Multimedia Editor December 8, 2020

Take this quiz to see which Starbucks holiday cup you are most like! https://www.opinionstage.com/newspaper-quiz-maker/what-starbucks-holiday-cup-are-you

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Which Cars Character Are You?

Monica Burton, Editor-In-Chief December 4, 2020

Take the quiz to see which Cars character reflects who you are! https://www.opinionstage.com/monicaburton1/which-cars-character-are-you

Senior Crase Bergman is pulled down by an Elkhart defender.

Big Games Call for Big Changes

Chloe Delgado, Staff Reporter November 19, 2020

For the past four years, senior Crase Bergman has contributed to the East football team. He has been a standout player since his junior year. Bergman’s passion for football began when he was a kid when...

Senior Parker Harrison prepares to squat in weights class.

Olympian Highlights: Quarter One

Ethan Glaid, Editor-In-Chief October 27, 2020

Check out the first quarter highlights of our East Olympians.

Kai Stidham, 9, takes to the air while wakeboarding Monday July 23, 2012, in preparation for the national championships in Ohio. (Joe Harpring | The Republic)  Joe Harpring | For The Republic

The Board Behind the Wake

Elise LaSell, Staff Reporter October 21, 2020

While most find themselves driving to the lake for a mini-vacation in the summer, senior Kai Stidham has that luxury in his backyard. Stidham has lived at Grandview Lake for all 17 years of his life, which...

Keep Clean and Carry On

Keep Clean and Carry On

Monica Burton, Editor-In-Chief October 19, 2020

Whether you love or hate them, masks have become mandatory that everyone must wear in public places. From school to work, or a quick stop at Target, masks are a necessity, just like your keys, wallet,...

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Quick Money: Easy Ways For Teens to Make Money

Elise LaSell, Staff Reporter October 11, 2020

Balancing school work, athletics and spending time with friends and family is hard enough for high school students that it leaves it near impossible for them to add a job to the mix. However, most parents...

Senior Chase Jones plays the xylophone

Marching Into Nothing

Shelby Morrow, Photography Editor October 11, 2020

Imagine putting forth a few months of practice just to find out it was not worth it all. The East marching band spent the summer practicing for hours each day in the summer heat. Due to COVID they had...

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Who Wore it Best: What’s in this Fall Season

Margo Brunner, Design Editor October 1, 2020

Fall is always a good time to extend your creative horizons, whether it be mentally or physically. A great way to express this growing creativity is through different styles as the weather gets colder....

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Working While In School

Grace Wolter, Staff Reporter September 30, 2020

As teenagers start to grow up, they take on more responsibilities. They get their license, they begin to make important decisions on their own, and perhaps the most stressful one, they get their first...

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