I Went a Week…


A Week Without Social Media

Day 1:

This is the first day without social media. I haven’t really felt the effects yet since I’ve been really busy, but I had to ride in a car to Bloomington and back. I couldn’t get on my phone the entire time, so I had to read. Reading wasn’t too bad, since I like to read. I feel like this won’t be as difficult as I thought.

Day 2:

This is day two without social media. It is Saturday, so I’m doing things for my cooking class (my senior project) and also hanging out with my boyfriend and some friends tonight. I do not think it will be that difficult, since I will be busy, but I seem to notice the absence of technology in the evening hours. It isn’t too bad so far, so pray for me.

Day 3:

This is day three without social media. I have noticed that I grab for my phone a lot and then realize that I can’t get on it, which is odd. I try to just put my phone away so I don’t even think about it. I think that grabbing my phone is just a habit that I have. I’ve also noticed that when I’m not on my phone, I’m way more productive. Today I went to church, ran a couple of errands, and then came home and did my homework. After that I still had a few hours of spare time, so I decided to clean. I cleaned my room and hung a few things on my wall that I have procrastinated doing for a very long time. I even hung up all of my clothes! When I’m not on my phone, I have more time for things that I thought I’d never have time for.

Day 4:

I stayed up until 2am last night reading.


I have not read like this since middle school. I was so interested in the book, I could not stop reading. I am super tired today, but I do not regret reading. I have found that if I am not occupied with my phone, I like to do things that I used to enjoy years ago. Doing things that I enjoy instead of being on my phone makes me feel so much fulfillment in my life. I am more productive and happier, and I think I’m liking this no social media thing.

Day 5:

I read a lot again yesterday, but the more and more I fill my time up with things to do, I do not notice the absence of social media. I am obsessed with the new book that I am reading, “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” It’s a trilogy, so I’ve already finished the first one in less than two days. I’m more than halfway through the second one, so needless to say, I love the book. I enjoy myself way more while reading a book than getting on social media. This “no social media” thing is giving me a lot of perspective.

Day 6:

I didn’t feel too sad about not having social media until I have a Snapchat-able moment. It seems like this week I have had so many of these. There have been times where I have such a good experience and want to tell my friends, or something funny happens and I want to show everyone. I feel more connected but also less connected in a way if that makes sense. I am more present in my everyday life, but feel less connected with the friends and family that I barely see. It’s a different kind of feeling.

Day 7:

Even though I am excited that it is the last day, I am kind of sad. I love being present 24/7 in my life, being able to actually experience things than just taking pictures and videos of it all. I kind of like people not knowing everything exciting that I do. It almost feels like I have a ton of secret experiences. Everyone in this generation has the need to post everything exciting that happens (including me), and it’s sad. I love posting things to where people can see them, but it’s also nice to have those moments to yourself. The moments that are so special to you that no one would ever be capable of understanding. These are the moments that should be kept just for you. I love this concept so much that I will be using it from now on in my own life. I feel more appreciative and present after this challenge and have decided I will go social media-less more often. Thank you, Journalism class, for opening my eyes to the real world.

A Week of Being Vegetarian

Day 1

  • 10:41am // I legit have no idea how to do this. I looked up daily meal plans and the only thing I liked on it was yogurt and avocado. I thought about how I eat meat  literally everyday for lunch. I am going to have to eat salad 🙁 The only salad I like is from Taku, but I love sushi and would want to get it if I went to Taku. I should have had my fill yesterday, I am gonna be craving it all week now :/
  • 12:03pm // We went to Snappy’s and I had to get pizza without pepperoni. It literally felt like a crime. I was suffering. And out of all days they had like no cheese pizza so I only got 2 pieces and then ate the rest of my fill in breadsticks. It just was not the same.
  • 6:38pm // I went and bought healthy foods. Apples, avocado, bananas, and strawberries. I really want to be the healthy vegetarian, but it is super hard.
  • 10:05pm // For dinner I had mac and cheese. My mom brought me home Burger King and I could not eat it :(((


Day 2

  • 7:51am // We have a competition today. I had some yogurt and strawberries with granola, but the granola got soggy 🙁
  • 11:36am // I am legit so hungry, but they have no vegetarian options, so all I have had to eat is carrots and celery.
  • 3:07pm // We have already performed and I have nachos!! And coffee. And that is what I had to eat for the rest of the day. I think I had some Cheez-itz too when I got home at 11pm.


Day 3

  • 12:45pm // I had mac and cheese, coffee, chocolate covered raisins and peanuts for lunch. I went to a baby shower and ate some cheese pizza. I had work until 4, so it was not a very eventful day.

Day 4

  • 12:15pm // I went to McDonalds today and the smell of chicken nuggets tempted me so bad. But I had a large fry, 2 hashbrowns, and coffee, which satiated me enough.
  • 3:30pm // I snacked on Cheez-itz and chocolate covered raisins. Not fulfilling. I want chicken.
  • 7:32 pm // My boyfriend made chicken flavored Ramen and I had a couple bites. It is artificially flavored so I am fine. It is still not the same :/


Day 5

  • 9:15am // I came into class today and apparently ramen is not artificially flavored??? I looked up the ingredients and it contains some things that are not artificial. But, I think that the one I have does not state “no artificial flavors” on the package. The ingredients for the one I looked up specifically stated the aforementioned. I blame Izaya, if nothing else because he told me it definitely was naturally flavored, otherwise I was not going to eat it 🙁
  • 12:05 // It is my grandpa’s bday, so we went to McDonald’s again to see him. I had the same, large fry, 2 hashbrowns, and a coffee.
  • 6:32pm // I have unintentionally failed. Apparently, there is a tiny bit of powdered chicken in the flavoring packet, but it is listed as the last ingredient, so it cannot be a whole lot.
  • 7:12pm // My mom made meatloaf, green beans, corn, and mac and cheese. I find it so tormenting that my mom is actually cooking this week. I cannot really eat any of it and it sucks because she does not cook a whole lot 🙁 And I love meatloaf so much!


Day 6

  • 9:41pm // I have eaten some thin mints, which were pretty good. I am going to try to make today a healthy-ish day.
  • 12:06pm // lol I lied, I just ordered 2 large fries and a small frosted coffee from Chick-fil-a. This is what happens when I am not allowed chicken, my fry intake goes up 100%!
  • 8:23pm // mY MoM BroUght HomE RaLly’s aNd I caN’t eAt iT omG! This is the only week in existence that my mom has consistently fed me every night, and every night I cannot eat ANY of it! I could never be vegetarian in my house.


Day 7

  • 12:10pm // I tried something different today. I went to Chipotle and got a sofritas burrito and also a cheese quesadilla. Sofritas is shredded Hodo Soy tofu that is then marinated in a spicy sauce. It was not the best thing, honestly. Not chicken, or steak, but it was fulfilling. I saved a good majority of the burrito and quesadilla for later.
  • I ate my leftover burrito for dinner and the day is finally DONE!