Qudoba vs Chipotle

Jake Schoenegge & Dalton Anderson

Jake Schoenegge- Chip

Chipotle is one of the best restaurants around. If you are looking for one of the best burritos ever to be made I would recommend going there. They give you best quality and quantity of food. They give you the meat options of steak, chicken, and chorizo. The lime chips are the best around town and are perfect for scooping up the left overs of your burrito or from your bowl. The people who work their are some of the nicest people in town and tend to give you more and more every time you visit. All these reasons prove that chipotle is better the best mexican grill in town.

Dalton Anderson- Doba

Qdoba is personally my favorite restaurant in all of Columbus because they offer a lot of food and at a great price. When I go there I get the three cheese nachos with the chips on the side because then I get chips for free and that total comes out at 8.64 for a chicken bowl with queso and chips. Also Qdoba offers cookies and brownies for an extra 1.50. Then when you don't want as much food you can get the kids bowl which is half the size of the regular bowl and you can still get chips for free with that meal. Also the best part about qdoba is that they offer free queso and guacamole where as chipotle you have to pay an extra 2-3 dollars for it.