Old Toy Review


Here are some old toys that you might have forgotten from your childhood. From Game Boy’s to Heelys, our 2000 childhood was the best of existence. Here is a list of a few things that we think should go at the top of the list.



Webkinz affected most 2000 children, even if you didn’t have any. In total, there are over 1,000 different Webkinz pets, and I probably have about half of those. I had anything from a mouse, cats, a bunny, many dogs, and even an opossum. In past years, after you bought a Webkinz, you could go online and play with your own animal and play games, brush and wash their hair, decorate your own house, etc. Now, you can get on the website for free. All you have to do is go to https://www.webkinz.com to have a lot of fun with many different furry friends.


Game Boy

If you ever thought you had the best toy as a kid, think again (unless it was a Game Boy). Game Boy’s came out in 1989, but became very popular in the early 2000s. This was my brother and I’s favorite toy as a kid because of the mobility and the variety of games. Our favorites were Mario Kart, Yoshi, and any type of pokemon game. After a while, they came out with the DS, and the Game Boy became less popular. Even though the DS is newer and popular, Game Boy will always be the best handheld gaming device that is out there.


Silly Bandz

Silly bandz were a fad that began around 2009-2010. These fun shaped rubber bands were traded during recess, and if you didn’t have an armful of silly bands, you were not  very cool. I myself had around three large bags of silly bandz that I traded every single day to see if I could get one that looked like a lipstick bottle or one that was shaped like a hamburger. This obsession died quickly, but was a very strong fad for many months.



Tech Deck

Tech Decks were undoubtedly some of the best toys of our childhoods’. They were not the easiest thing to use, but when you drove those tiny skateboards down your kitchen counters, you were having the time of your life. If you were not allowed to own a skateboard, like myself, Tech Decks allowed you to embrace your rebel side without leaving your bedroom. My favorite add-on was the Tech Deck half pipe, which I received for Christmas one year and literally cried.  Although these tiny skateboards are not as popular anymore, seeing one always gives me the good nostalgia.



From Harry Potter to the Death Star, Lego offers a huge variety of sets that you can build from start to finish. I remember lots of nights where my brother and I would stay up way past bedtime making cars and rockets for our Lego people. Legos were always a great and fun way to create. As a child I always had a huge amount of time on my hands; Legos were always my go to to pass the time and will forever remain one of my favorite childhood toys.



Though there are several adaptations of Heelys today, nothing will top the originals. Not only can you ride on wheels attached to your feet, but you can wear them casually as well. Their look was very similar to that of Osiris shoes, which were also a craze in the 2000’s. Heelys are still being bought today, but more so for the laughs. When we were younger, Heelys were arguable some of the coolest shoes you could own. I remember I had a pair of blue Heelys that I wore up until they did not fit me. These shoes were everything I could ever ask for and more.