Petition to Move Halloween Celebrations to Weekend

Gaby Heredia, Content Editor

Halloween is a holiday that is liked by many people, but the day it usually falls on is not. Obviously trick-or-treating is a major part of the holiday and what most kids and families look forward to. I don’t think that three hours to celebrate the holiday is enough time and whenever I complain about the day it falls on, I always wonder why it’s not on a Saturday. 

A petition to move trick-or-treating to the weekend is floating around, now with over 150,000 signatures. Instead of moving Halloween, National Trick or Treat Day is already on the last Saturday of October. This way it would extend all the holiday celebrations and move trick-or-treating activities strictly to the weekend. 

I actually really like this idea because it doesn’t put so much pressure on the parents to do everything the kids want to do. For example, Columbus’ trick-or-treat hours are from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. That’s right in the middle of the evening so people don’t really have any time to eat dinner or to do homework. And what about the students who have extra-curricular activities and sports? They have to miss out on a fun time with friends because Halloween is on a Thursday. 

To add onto that, most Halloween parades or parties are on a Saturday so trick-or-treating on that day wouldn’t be that big of a very big deal. That adds to the list of many reasons as to why National Trick or Treat Day should become a reality.