“Ok Boomer” You Have No Humor

Taylor Glady

Design by: Haili Smith

“Ok Boomer” is a phrase that has been going viral. The phrase arose after a TikTok video of an older man criticising Generation Z went viral. The man describes Gen Z as having the “Peter Pan syndrome.”

He is referring to Gen Z as never wanting to grow up and not being able to become independent, or become apart of the working class society. The older man states in the video that “they think that they could have this perfect utopia and think everything and everyone will be equal.” The man continues to refer to Gen Z as needing to wake up and to be realistic. 

Many of  Gen Z has made a clap back. Gen Z has taken to social media accepting criticism.“Ok Boomer” memes were made as a  reaction to the video. People have also made t-shirts with “Ok Boomer” labeled onto the clothing item. Gen Z has taken a friendly come back, to the comments about Gen Z.