East Holds First Pep Rally in 15 Years


The crowd watches the cheerleaders perform a pyramid.

Gaby Heredia, Content Editor

East has been looking for a new way to raise the school’s spirit levels, which led to East’s very first pep rally in fifteen years. Exciting relay races, sumo wrestling and cheerleaders cheering the East fight song hyped up the students for the upcoming games. With the pep rally on Thursday and two East v. North basketball games on Friday, the rivalry games added to the spirit of the school. 

The rally included East’s very own athletes in the activities as well as Principal Mark Newell and the wrestling coach, Christopher Cooper. The rally began with the introduction of winter sports, gymnastics, girls and boys basketball, wrestling and swimming, recognizing those who represent East outside of school. 

There were three matches of sumo wrestling with the students and staff with mini relay races in between. The speaker of the rally, C4 TV Studio teacher Jim Roeder, handed the microphone to the PE coach and assistant athletic director, Brent Chitty. As he was thanking all the athletes and students who really show what it means to be an Olympian, students cheered for their peers. 

There were very different reactions that came from the students during and after the pep rally. Since this was East’s first pep rally in awhile, no one really knew what to expect. The hype was lacking during some parts of the rally, as it was hard to get all the students excited about something new. 

“It was a very exciting thing to watch since it was the first one in 15 years,” junior Jessica Wills said. 

Of course, not all students are going to be in agreement with the idea of the pep rally, but it was very successful in making sure all winter athletes were included. With that being said, it raised East’s enthusiasm for the school and gave the students a fun break during the school day. All in all, the pep rally is now a work in progress and hopefully will continue for future years to show off East’s spirit and pride.