The Rise of Skywalker: The Ending we Deserved

Maggie O'Connor, Staff Reporter

Design by: Robert Kanehl

When I watched “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” I was at the first showing in Columbus on Thursday at 6:00, to secure my avoidance of spoilers. However, that did not stop me from hearing the reviews. 

The very first review I saw was that the critics at Rotten Tomatoes had given it a 55 percent. Well, that did not make me feel as confident as I previously was. Once I saw the movie for myself, I was so overjoyed at the end that my eyes filled with tears. There are MAJOR spoilers ahead, but I want to share my opinion. 

Now, I have been on the Reylo (the shipping of Rey and Kylo Ren) train since “The Force Awakens,” which is an unpopular opinion for sure, and there are plenty of people in this world that disagree with me on that. But when the sequel trilogy ended with Ben and Rey getting their final moment together wrapped up in each other’s arms, I was bawling. It was everything I had hoped for and more. And the kiss? I was gushing with joy. Even though the Skywalkers perished in the end, knowing that Rey and Ben were a dyad in the force, was the conclusion and closure I needed.

Some other highlights of the film for me was the bickering and family love that has been missing in the sequels thus far. Poe and Rey’s little argument at the beginning over the ship damage was giving me major Leia and Han memories. I also loved C3PO, but who does not. He is funny in every single movie without a doubt. “The Rise of Skywalker” filled the whole in my heart were the jokes and lightheartedness of Star Wars had been missing. Another great moment was that General Hux was the spy in the First Order, I mean how perfect is that. He betrayed the entire First Order over his jealousy of Kylo Ren. That was hilarious if you ask me. 

My only criticism of the movie was the lack of a true, Sith versus Jedi lightsaber duel. While the battle between Rey and Kylo Ren was a good fight scene, it did not remind me of the intense lightsaber duels in the past trilogies like Qui Gon Jinn versus Darth Maul, a classic. I think the closest thing we had to that was when Rey fought her dark side self in search of the Sith Wayfinder. 

Overall, as a lifelong Star Wars enthusiast, I am extremely happy and satisfied with the ending of the saga. I appreciate all of the effort, thought, and development put into the film and how every path that it could have followed was considered. I hope that Disney picks up another Star Wars story and continues the films that have been bringing people together for generations.