Meet the Staff: Nathan Fulford

Gabi Schuetz, Content Editor

The start of school, while challenging, can also be a chance for an enriched learning experience as students continue to find their passions. 

The beginning of this new school year has gone well for junior Nathan Fulford thus far. His interest in art and technology has led him to courses that best suit him. 

“The classes this year are absolutely great for me,” Fulford said. 

Fulford typically enjoys school and cares about his grades. However, coming to East has evolved into something different this year for Fulford after losing someone close to him. 

“[School has] not been the same recently because of Miss Page’s death,” Fulford said. 

Martha Page was someone Fulford saw not only as a teaching assistant, but as a friend. She made an impact with her enthusiastic personality and willingness to help students in English resource.

“I loved the way that she talked to people,” Fulford said. “She gave respect to everybody.”

Page’s cheerfulness and presence at East never went unnoticed, especially by Fulford. The two worked together to complete some of Fulford’s homework, which they both looked forward to every week. 

“The day I heard she passed away, I just went into absolute shock,” Fulford said. “I actually just cried the whole day almost.”   

The hallways will feel emptier for Fulford amongst other students. Fulford will miss Page immensely, as she played a significant role in his day-to-day school life. However, Fulford has been able to cope with his loss through religion, an aspect of his life that he does not often talk about. 

“The thing is, [Page] was no longer in pain. She went to heaven to enjoy everyone else,” Fulford said. “She gets to be with the angels now.” 

Losing a loved one is never easy. Losing someone who is a constant source of encouragement and kindness is even harder. Fulford will always remember Page, but has found some comfort in knowing she is in a better place.