Watch Out for Hidden Cameras

Emily Siefert, Staff Reporter

Design by: Joycee Redman

Hidden cameras are everywhere. That can be very scary because you never know who is watching you. The scariest place you could find a hidden camera is in your hotel room. 

There have been a couple of incidents where hidden cameras have been found in hotel rooms. In Minneapolis, a school was on a field trip and students found hidden cameras in their room. Cameras can be hidden in anything. The most common places are clocks, smoke detectors and picture frames. Some of them even have night vision. They can also record live so the person who set it up can watch anytime. 

They have also been found in Airbnb’s. Hosts are not allowed to have cameras if they are not able to be seen, but hosts can still have them. They also have to let the guest know that there are cameras. So if a host wanted to put a camera in their living room they can, but they have to notify the person staying at their house beforehand. Cameras are only never allowed to be in places like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Airbnb hosts do not always follow this rule. A family in Cork, Ireland was in their living room when they saw something on the ceiling. There was a camera hidden inside a detector. The airbnb removed the hosts from the listing.  

The next time you stay in a hotel or an Airbnb, be aware that anyone could be watching you.