Clothing Conundrum

Clothing Conundrum

Emily Ostrom

Weather often is a determining factor in a day’s choice in clothing. If it is going to be cold out, you might wear a jacket and jeans, but if it is a nice, sunny day you might go with a t-shirt and shorts instead. Generally t-shirts and shorts are considered to be two articles of summer clothing, and yet, students wear them almost year round.

Perhaps Indiana’s drastic weather changes and odd temperatures play a part in this decision. February is considered a winter month, but it has been warmer this year, causing people to bring out some of their warm weather clothes early.

Even with the wacky weather, the winter months do not warrant summer clothing. There are plenty of clothing choices more suitable for cold weather.

Unfortunately, warm weather clothing is worn so often in the winter that many people do not even think twice about it or think it out of place. People have found ways to continue wearing sandals, like Birkenstocks, longer by wearing socks with them. They should instead just wait until it is actually warm enough to wear them.

Although warm weather may be around the corner, summer clothes such as shorts and sandals should wait to be worn until at least the spring. Until then, there are many other options and fashions of weather-appropriate clothes to be worn in winter.