Meet the Staff: Ally Piatkowski

Taylor Glady, Staff Reporter

Nothing is ever certain in life. From pursuing a life career to deciding whether a turkey or ham sandwich will supply your desires for lunch, life is always subject to change. Despite these uncertainties, junior Ally Piatkowski has trust that the future is bright.

Piatkowski is a former cheerleader and current swimmer for East H2O Olympians. Ally quit cheer this year because she knew that she wanted to focus on swimming and diving. Though it may have been a hard decision for her, she knew it would all work out.

“I’m onto bigger and better things, and I believe everything happens for a reason,” Piatkowski said.

Piatkowski is excited to focus on swimming and making herself the best she can be for herself and her peers. She loves the energy that the girls give and how inviting they are towards her even though she has been swimming for a short amount of time.

“I’m getting gradually better, but I have to keep working on it because it does challenge me,” Piatkowski said.

Piatkowski mostly likes to take part in freestyle swimming. She is new to the sport so there has been some trouble for her trying to get the hang of a few things. Such as being able to swim and being able to manage getting enough air at the same time.

“I’m getting gradually better at breathing in the water and I like to challenge myself with it,” Piatkowski said.

Piatkowski knows that she loves the challenge of the sport. She is still very optimistic about her future and open to many ideas about her future career.

“Maybe if I learn to love swim more that could potentially become something more,” Piatkowski said.

Piatkowski may not always know what is in store for her but there is one thing she does know; everything happens for a reason.