Album review: Ryan Adams’ “1989”

Isaac Harper, Writer

Have you ever listened to a really upbeat pop album and went, I wish this was more depressing? If yes, then I’ve got the thing for you. Ryan Adams cover of Taylor Swift’s album “1989”.

If you have ever listened to Ryan Adams you probably know what to expect with this cover. For those of who have not listened to Adams, let me fill you in. Ryan Adams really capitalizes on the whole sad and anxious rock thing. I’ll leave it to you to search him up.

Ryan Adams started recording “1989” after his wife left him in a divorce. This creates a clear depression in his style. Ultimately this even changes how the songs comes out.

The songs go from a real party vibe to a very sad lonely feel. Ryan Adams really uses this to his advantage. As I said before it can really add a new mood to your playlist. So go ahead and search this album up.