Friday Feuds: IU vs Purdue

Ben Allen and Caleb Kinnaird

Purdue (Caleb)

Purdue University is a great school that is much better than IU. To start, Purdue’s colors are much more attractive than the colors of IU. Purdue offers a beautiful campus that one can enjoy during their time in college. Not only do they have a great campus, but an exciting and fun sports atmosphere as well. The sports might be great, but that isn’t the only event to attend around campus. One can go to concerts and shows put on by various popular groups, and there are also many clubs for everyone to join to have fun during their college experience. Purdue’s campus has delicious food choices, offering places such as Triple X and Chipotle. Purdue is known for having smarter and less reckless students. In conclusion, Purdue is obviously the better of the two universities.

IU (Ben)

IU has a unique campus with a lively cultural scene. Between 750 on campus student organizations and more than 6,500 students involved in Greek life, Indiana University has a lot to offer. The town of Bloomington has original restaurants, such as Mother Bear’s Pizza and Runcible Spoon. Alongside a great atmosphere, IU offers one of the top ranked business schools in the nation. If you are looking for something to do on the weekend, you can attend one of the Big Ten team’s sporting events. Some major events at IU are the Little 500, an annual bike race that takes place between students, IU Dance Marathon, where students spend 36 hours on their feet in order to raise money for Riley Hospital, and various concerts that take place year round. Overall, IU is a better school than Purdue because of its uniqueness and academic supremacy.

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