Friday Feuds: Coke vs Pepsi

Ben Allen and Caleb Kinnaird

Ben Allen (Coke)

Coca-Cola is an American classic in the drink world. The original taste goes well with any meal. Whether you’re tailgating, at a bonfire, or just hanging out with friends, an ice cold Coca-Cola is the perfect addition. With 17 different flavors, you can personalize your drinking experience based on your own preference. Coke is much better than Pepsi because of its unique flavor and original marketing ideas. Every Christmas, Coca-Cola creates multiple unique holiday themed can designs, which include Santa Clause and the iconic polar bears. Overall, Coca-Cola is a better drink.

Caleb Kinnaird (Pepsi)

Out of the two big drink producers in America, Pepsi is easily the better one. First of all Pepsi cola tastes much better than Coke; the crisp, fresh taste of it is just unbeatable. The vanilla and cherry variations of Pepsi add an amazing twist to the original flavor. Not only does Pepsi offer their original cola, but they are also responsible for other delicious drinks such as Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Tropicana, Lipton, and Mist Twist. All of these options allow the consumer to drink what they want, whether it be soda, tea, or anything else. Along with one of these drinks, the customer can grab a bag of Doritos, Lays, or Fritos, which are also made by Pepsi.The battle of Pepsi v.s Coke is an easy one to decide when Pepsi is just so much better.

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