Friday Feuds: Finstas

Drew Hasson and Caleb Kinnaird

For (Drew)

A common trend among teenagers today is the “Finsta,” otherwise known as the fake Instagram. Most finstas contain ugly selfies and weird pictures that people would never post on their actual Instagram accounts. People really enjoy using their Finstas, they like to show everyone who they really are. In my opinion, having a Finsta is a fun way to interact with friends and fully be yourself without being judged. When people use their Finstas, it is an outlet from problems in life. The users express their opinion on their everyday occurrences and know they will not be judged for doing so. Having a Finsta is a creative way to show and say how you feel without the worry of being judged when expressing your true feelings.

Against (Caleb)

Many teenagers today create second Instagram accounts known as a “Finsta”. These accounts are used to post more personal and revealing pictures. The user usually only allows their close friends to follow them because embarrassing pictures are often posted. Personally, Finstas are unnecessary and a waste of time. Through past experience they post too often and without purpose. A second Instagram is not needed when there are already plenty of popular social media apps to use, especially when it’s used to post a picture every single hour. Some pictures posted on Finstas contain illicit or inappropriate content that can get students in trouble. If a teenager wants to send personal pictures to a friend then they should save it for Snapchat and text. Finstas are an unnecessary, annoying second account to have on Instagram and they need to end quickly.

The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of The Oracle, Columbus East High School, and Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation.