East student section losing support from students

Drew Hasson, Social Media Team

Throughout the school year, except during very popular sports like football and basketball, people feel like the East student section hasn’t been the same as it was in the past. Twitter has been attacking the student section account, complaining about their lack of attendance and not choosing what their peers want.

In past years being part of the student section has always been exhilarating, especially when the Olympians defeat crosstown rival Columbus North. The student section is always loud throughout and even after competition ends.

“I feel like the student section at the football games always has a lot of students, but it never really is all that loud after the first quarter due to the score, except for the North vs East basketball and football games,” Junior Brady Harrison says. “Overall it has not been the same as my previous years.”

Student sections are always very supportive and even have themes for the student body to dress up for. Themes could be a variety of things from tie-dye to Safari, but the students this year feel like the themes just aren’t fun enough. They say that they are weird and not what they want.

Whether it may be that students do not care enough to come and cheer or the lack of good theme ideas, this year’s student body spirit is just as good as it has been in the past.

The student section was very packed in a previous basketball game when the Olympians knocked off the No. 1 New Albany, an HHC opponent. This big victory may spark a rise in attendance from students to come to upcoming sporting events at East.

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