Donut Frenzy: Comparing Donuts n’ Coffee and Donut Central


Donuts are a very tasty snack not only in the morning, but all the time. They taste great and can be very cheap. In Columbus, there used to be only one donut store, Donuts & Coffee, located on State Street. Recently, new competition opened on Central Avenue called Donut Central. Donut Central has a much different feel on the inside than Donuts ‘n Coffee. While both options are great if you're looking for taste, Donut Central is more expensive than Donuts ‘n Coffee. This definitely makes the overall difference for me. Donuts ‘n Coffee is a better option for students, and even people in a rush to work. Donuts ‘n Coffee is the best option for donuts in town.


The atmosphere of each is very different: Donuts n’ Coffee has a classic diner type of style, whereas Donut Central has a more modern and hipster feel. The most important part of a donut shop is, of course, the donuts. When it comes to comparing the donuts, Donut Central seems to taste better overall. Their donuts are fluffier and have more flavor than the competition. Although priced higher at about $ .30 more per donut, the taste difference is probably worth the price since donuts are overall cheap already. However, the coffee at Donuts n’ Coffee is better than Donut Central’s nitro coffee. Overall, Donut Central beats Donuts n’ Coffee as the best donut shop in Columbus.


While Donuts and Coffee gives off a traditional, family owned vibe, Donut Central is more contemporary and organic. Donut Central offers less traditional food options, such as a maple bacon donut, organic kombucha and nitro coffee on tap. While these items are more expensive, they offer a different approach to the typical donut shop experience. Donuts n’ Coffee offers cheaper donuts, a traditional experience and a drive through. Overall, the uniqueness of Donut Central trumps Donuts n’ Coffee’s average donut shop experience.


While Donut Central provides items such as kombucha and nitro coffee, Donuts n’ Coffee provides a traditional feel that you can’t beat. Donuts n’ Coffee has better quality coffee and there are not many donuts offered at Donut Central that aren’t offered at Donuts n’ Coffee. The classic glazed donuts at Donuts n’ Coffee can’t be beat, plus if you have a Columbus East Football Gold Card you can buy a half dozen and get the other half free. Overall, Donuts n’ Coffee has cheaper prices, better coffee and about the same selection as Donut Central.


Both Donuts n’ Coffee and Donut Central give Columbus two unique donuts shops with their own different styles and experiences. Donuts n’ Coffee has been around a lot longer than Donut Central and is more old fashioned. Donut Central is more decorated inside and and more hip. If you are looking for traditional donuts and donuts that are very common, Donuts n’ Coffee would be your place. Donut Central has a more variety of choices that would make them your choice if you are looking for new donuts.