A Lay-Z Generation

Hannah Harris, Writer

When people think of the latest generation, Generation Z, they often associate it with the word “lazy”. Born after 1995, Generation Z has even been given the nickname “a lay-z generation”. However, this claim of laziness does not accurately represent Generation Z.

It is easy to understand why older generations might think the latest generation is lazy, with new technology making it easier to accomplish tasks than before, but Generation Z is using technology to learn and grow. Learning the newest technology is essential in keeping up with the world’s needs. Technology is the future, and so is Generation Z.

Teens are not as addicted to technology as older generations might think. There is an immense amount of pressure in school to perform well.

Junior Isha Chavan is in eight clubs all while maintaining fourth place in her class rank.

Chavan had a lot to say regarding Generation Z’s supposed laziness.

“People tend to think that we go home and just sit and play on our phones but that’s not true. There’s so much homework that you don’t have time. It’s really stressful, especially when you’re in different extracurricular activities,” said Chavan.

Older generations may also argue that Generation Z sleeps too much. According to Havok Journal, teens are generally more tired than adults due to hormonal changes that cause them to fall asleep later at night and wake up earlier in the morning.

Although this gives off an impression of laziness, it is really just their body’s natural sleep schedule. Previous generations have also been stereotyped as lazy when they were teenagers.

It is unfair to label a whole generation as lazy. Sure, there will be exceptions, just as there is to everything, but the majority of the latest generation is made up of hard-working young adults. Generation Z is anything but “lay-z”.