I’m Just Sayin’: Family Members on the Holidays

Yetla Reyna

I really don’t like how (my) family is around holidays. Someone (parents or siblings mostly but sometimes aunts and uncles) always seems to pop in unannounced. It feels like they don’t understand that we’re trying to study or enjoy our break.

We should not have to spend an entire two weeks with them and only doing things they want to do. It’s called a break, not “forced family time.” We’re just trying to get through the school year.

Then they judge us for studying at a holiday party or gathering. Sorry for being a student who gets homework piled on every day. We do not control what our teachers give us, unfortunately that’s not how it works.

I understand the concept of wanting to see family who lives far away, but I’d rather be at home and spend the holidays with my immediate family.

It’s a hassle to travel, fly or drive. It’s hard to get presents for people you rarely see. It’s horrible to fake liking the food an aunt made.

All I want is a break where I don’t have to worry about what the rest of my family thinks. I don’t want to stress over the little kids, or fight with the older ones. I just want to stay in my bed and eat some pizza or something.

But you know, I’m just sayin’.


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