Music Motivation

Hannah Harris, Writer

School can be a busy place. The hectic halls and classes can make it hard to accomplish tasks. From the slammed lockers to the expressive conversations, distractions are found everywhere. Sometimes the only way to zone out of the constant buzz of distractions is to zone into something more clarifying: music.

People listen to music for many reasons. Maybe the tune is catchy, or maybe the lyrics are interesting, but for freshman Casey Bartholomew, it helps him concentrate in school.

“I listen to music every class,” Bartholomew said. “It helps me focus.”

Music not only provides an escape from the craziness happening, but it can be motivational too, which is equally important.

“My favorite type of music would have to be rap music. I like it because it just kind of gets me hyped up and it’s fun to listen to,” Bartholomew said.

While rap may be his go-to genre, Bartholomew has a variety of genres he listens to. His other favorite styles are country and pop.

“I usually switch it up every couple classes. It’s just kind of random,” Bartholomew said.

Although music is a necessity for Bartholomew in school, there are still rules that must be followed. Bartholomew understands that there are both appropriate and inappropriate times to listen to music.

When asked if listening to music when friends or teachers are talking is appropriate, “Friends yes, but teachers no. I don’t want to get in trouble,” Bartholomew said.

For some students, music is a great method for regaining focus on schoolwork when distractions are present.